Together let’s build
a sustainable future

Who we are

Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) is a non-profit, membership-driven organization providing leadership and encouraging collaboration in conducting environmentally sustainable practices for green building design and development in Qatar. QGBC also aims to support the overall health and sustainability of the environment, the people, and economic security in Qatar for generations to come. The council, a member of Qatar Foundation, was formally established in 2009 by a decree signed by H.H. Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser and is helping Qatar on its journey to establish a post-hydrocarbon, knowledge economy and progressive society. Through QGBC, Qatar will join a network of 80 different countries that run active national green building councils under the umbrella of the World Green Building Council.

Building Green and Sustainability

While urban development is essential to the progress of any country, quite often the natural environment is the first casualty of population growth. Even if this cannot be entirely prevented, it can be managed through a sustainable urban development plan. “Green Building” practices aim to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment by adopting techniques throughout the built environment taking into account factors like energy efficiency, use of environment-friendly materials, waste reduction etc. While ‘Green Building’ today may be considered a new idea, the history of architecture indicates that our very first structures were, in essence, green buildings. And it is time we go back to the basics. Green Building was where we began, and it is our only future.