Together let’s build
a sustainable future

In the last decade, Qatar has witnessed a strong growth within its economy and it was most evident in the construction and transportation industries. It has been since, enshrined in Qatar National Vision 2030, under the Environment Pillar that there needs to be a balance between ‘development needs’ and ‘protecting the environment’.

One of the outcomes outlined in the Vision was preserving the environment through:

“Effective and sophisticated environmental institutions that build and strengthen public awareness about environmental protection, and encourage the use of environmentally sound technologies. These institutions will also conduct awareness raising campaigns, employ environmental planning tools, and carry out environmental research”

QGBC fulfils this need for environmentally focused organizations that can support the local government led initiatives while introducing programs of its own.
QGBC is led by its accomplished expert founders, an executive team and committees with diverse experience and a broad industry network. QGBC is committed to demonstrating that applying sustainably built standards not only helps in reducing energy and utility consumption, but it can also reduce costs, improve life quality of people and be more profitable with long term benefits.
QGBC collaborates with the design and building industry and liaises with the government to promote sustainable development.
Additionally, QGBC aims to establish strategic partnerships, perform educational and market transformation activities, research projects, conferences and workshops, among others.