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Introduction to ARC; The digital platform to improve sustainability performance in existing buildings

By: Hamoda Youssef, LEED Faculty, AP BD+C, WELL Faculty,AP, GSAS-CGP
Head of Communications, Qatar Green Building Council 

2 hours, Tuesday 03 October, 2017   

Venue: QGBC Villa, Doha

Timing: 08:00 am - 10:30 am



Arc is a state of the art online platform designed to help building owners and operators collect, manage and benchmark their building data in order to improve sustainability performance. access real-time performance data: Use the Arc performance score to help tracking building’s improvements in real time. Enjoy the simple user-interface: Arc features easy-to-use resource management dashboards. The platform also hosts all project assets in a secure storage space. Benchmark projects against industry peers: With Arc, leverage comprehensive global data analytics to help benchmark project’s performance, and view project ratings on a local and international scale. Share internal information: Within the Arc interface communicate between departments, operators and occupants and streamline team management.

All projects, whether LEED certified or not, can use the Arc platform to measure and communicate portfolio level sustainability performance. Administrators of LEED registered projects can immediately log in to Arc at no cost and begin to measure your project’s performance. Administrators of projects that are not registered can log in, pay a fee to access the Arc platform and then enter your project’s information.
The workshop will provide an overview to platforms’ features and means of utilizing them in optimizing the project performance.

Course Objectives
  • Define and understand the main features of the ARC platform.
  • Understand the ARC application process.
  • Identify means of applying ARC for existing buildings.
  • Plan for key considerations and requirements for certification documentation.

Fees per attendee: Free of Charge

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