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Is low carbon transition possible in Qatar? "Workshop"

8 hours
February 13, 2020

Venue: Education City, Students Center

Timing: 08:00 am - 04:00 pm


Climate change calls for radical solutions. The existing framework and vision are incapable of imagining and envisioning a new and bolder future that recognizes the limits to growth and at the same time, ensuring human well-being. The way we organize the economy and society, our interaction with natural systems must change and redefine prosperity and growth. Given our economic and societal dependence on fossil fuels, are we inextricably trapped into the fossil fuel system? Is there a way out of this quagmire?
This workshop sets out to debate and deliberate a set of new pathways for low carbon transition in Qatar by challenging the current views and ask the delegates to take a system-wide approach to understand the underlying challenges, barriers, and opportunities. This will help in clearing our vision and thought process and offers a new perception to look for a probable distant future(s).
We welcome experts and non-experts from all disciplines to engage in an open and honest dialogue about a low carbon future in Qatar. The workshop will use scenario mapping and cutting-edge methods to facilitate collaboration and open discussion. All delegates perform roleplays such as policy entrepreneurs, statesmen, financiers, businessmen, planners and members of civil society. Keeping your roleplay in mind, you will develop solutions.
In this workshop we will discuss two things. In the first half of the workshop, we will develop three probable scenarios that can fit in for Qatar: Business as Usual (BAU or Reference), Scenario 2 (you think of a name that suits this scenario) and Scenario 3. In the second half of the workshop you will identify what makes it challenging (economic, social, cultural and political) for Qatar to transition from the current state of hydrocarbon dependence to a low carbon economy.

Session 1: Building Scenarios and Pathways
  • What is the best or worst possible future, in your sector?
  • What could be the most unexpected change in your sector?
  • Are there any likely ‘wild-cards’ (high impact, low probability events)?
  • What are the possible / likely alternative futures, for economy & society?
  • What are the possible / likely alternative futures, for energy / carbon / climate change?
  • What are the possible / likely alternative futures, for the role of Qatar?
Session 2: Challenges in transitioning to low carbon economy
  • What kind of LCE would be in 2040?
  • What is it going to lose in the process of transition to LCE
  • What are the political, social, economic and cultural barriers to achieve LCE
  • how can government learn & think ahead?
  • Economic diversification: how to promote industrial diversification?
  • Social diversification (& expats): what kind of social policy is needed?

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