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Sustainable Architecture
Environmentally Conscious Conceptual Design,
Training Course

By: Hamoda Youssef, research Specialist, Qatar Green Building Council

On Demand Course

Timing: 7 hours over 3 days (21 hours in total)


Pursuing and applying a sustainable architecture requires a holistic and integrative approach that incubate a multi-stakeholder engagement and in parallel a deeper understanding of the means of creating a more environmentally conscious design.
The 3 day training course is structured around 3 interrelated modules that are briefed as follow:
Module 1: Conceptual Sustainable Design & Form Manipulation
This module introduces the essentials of digital conceptual form design and manipulation that can respond to the key sustainable design principles.
Module 2: Conceptual Environmental Analysis
This module introduces the essentials and fundamentals of environmental assessment criteria and means of using them in assessing and evaluating the conceptual form.
Module 3: Sustainable Architecture & Neighborhoods case studies & Lessons Learnt
The Aim of this module is to determine sustainability goals and objectives that need to be achieved on the neighborhood scale by defining the framework that can be reflect a balance between social, economical and environmental demands.

Course Intent:

Intensive training on the BIM application with direct integration to environmental assessments in early conceptual phase.

Course Outline:


Course Objectives
  • Understand the principles of conceptual sustainable design
  • Identify BIM as a sustainability tool
  • Explore means of digital form generation
  • Understand the principles of environmental assessment criteria
  • Explore means of taking environmental design decisions

  • Course is delivered by On-Demand bases.
  • for further information contact Hamoda Youssef, hyoussef@qf.org.qa