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Passivhaus Project
Barwa City, Qatar

Passivhaus Intro.jpg

In 2012, as Qatar was preparing to host COP18, one of the QGBC board members attended a passivhaus conference in Jordan.  Inspired by the idea of developing this type of ultra low-energy villa for a hot climate, he and other QGBC staff quickly went on to turn this idea into reality.  By the time of the COP18 in November 2012, the project was well underway and was completed by Earth Day in April 2013.  This a true credit to the pace at which projects can be developed with the vision, will, and cooperation of all partners who came to be involved in the project.  This section summarizes the layout and technical details of both the Passivhaus and Business-as-Usual (BAU) villas that were constructed in Barwa City.