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The Eco-Schools Program

The Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools program stipulated stipulated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). It starts in the classroom and expands to the community by engaging the next generation in action-based learning. Eco-Schools program is a two-year commitment program. It encourages young people to engage in their environment by allowing them the opportunity to actively protect it. Through the program, young people experience a sense of achievement at being able to have a say in the environmental management policies of their schools, ultimately steering them towards certification and the prestige which comes with being awarded a Green Flag. To learn more about Eco-Schools CLICK HERE. click here
Starting from 2018, Qatar Green Building Council became the National Operator for Eco-Schools Qatar. QGBC works to maintain high standards and support the engaged schools through their positive actions to transform behavior in schools and communities towards sustainability.


How Eco-Schools Works

The Eco-Schools program consists of three structural elements:
  1. The Seven Steps Framework,
  2. The Eco-Schools Themes, &
  3. Assessment for the Green Flag.


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The Award Process - Green Flag

The application process to become an Eco-School and get awarded the Green Flag is as follows:
  • Submit the Registration Form and Pay the Registration fee to QGBC.
  • (Fee will cover the two-year program enrollment period)
  • Registered school shall comply with Eco-Schools program 7 Steps and Themes.
  • After the 1st academic year, the registered school may apply to the Eco-Schools Silver Award and submit the required documents.
  • After the 2nd academic year, the registered school submits the application form with supporting documents to QGBC for Green Flag award.
  • The Green Flag will be renewed every two years.


  1. Eco-Schools Qatar Brief-R02
  2. Eco-Schools Registeration Form-R01b-Nov2018
  3. Eco-Schools Application Form-R01b-Nov2018
  4. Eco-Schools Renewal Form-R01b-Nov2018
  5. Eco-Schools Fee Structure- R02-Jan2020

Tools & Resources

  1. Arc Dashboard
  2. Green Classroom Professional Certificate Workshop
  3. Eco-Schools alignment with UN SDGs
  4. Eco-Schools institutional Partners
  5. Eco-Schools 25 year History
  6. Eco-Schools Middle East

Eco-Schools Registration Steps:

  1. Fill the registration form and send it to ecoschools@qatargbc.org
  2. Eco-Schools will contact you for the following steps
  3. For any inquiries contact ecoschools@qatargbc.org 

contact us

For any question about the programs, please contact Qatar Green Building Council, Eco-Schools National Operator:

Hamoda Youssef
QGBC Head of Communications

Ruba Hinnawi 
Technical Specialist 

Qatar Green Building Council
P.O.Box 5825, Doha-Qatar

Tel. +974 4454 7430
        +97 444540238
E-mail: ecoschools@qatargbc.org